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About the Game

A Taste for the King is a fast-paced card game where up to 8 players attempt to be crowned the one true king, bringer of peace to the lands by living through a good old fashioned medieval feast and finishing their meal first. The game takes place during a time of bitter warring between proud Kings, in their youth bloodthirsty warlords, now turning to peace in their frail twilight years. Yet old grudges run deep and no one can be trusted. The kings attend with a legion of taste testers in tow, lest any dishes should run foul with poison.

A Taste for the King will launch via a crowdfunding campaign. You can follow the pre-launch page to get notified when the campaign goes live!

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If you would like to support development of the game. Consider purchasing a copy of this print and play version of the game and send us your playtest feedback!

Why you should get A Taste for the King

  • Authentic medieval dishes
  • Tense push-your-luck party game
  • Super portable
  • Simple to learn, infinitely replayable
  • 30 second setup
  • 60-90 minute play time
  • 2-8 players
  • Solitaire mode

60-90 minutes
2-8 Players
Age 14+

The Basics

Players take turns drawing dishes from the kitchen. They may choose whether to taste them all or refuse up to two dishes. Decorum must be preserved and refusing the entire platter will be seen as distrustful and rude. The remaining dishes are then tasted by the king's best taste tester and any found to be worthy are passed onto the King for consumption.

Watch out! Some dishes are poisoned, causing your taste tester to throw up, losing the dish. At the end of your turn, if your taster survived, score the dishes that have been eaten this round. If your taster eats two poisons in a turn, they fall down dead and all the dishes are sent back to the kitchen while a new taste tester is found. Play moves onto the next player. The first to fill in their menu wins, declared the one true king, bringer of peace to the lands!

Action cards provide a helping hand, giving players lucky enough to draw them distinct advantages, from avoiding poisons to stealing a dish from another player.

Game Contents

Contents subject to change as the game develops.

  • 43 deck cards
    • 20 dish cards
    • 16 poison cards
    • 7 action cards
  • 8 King's Menu cards
  • 1 First Diner card
  • 1 action reminder card
  • 120 tokens
  • Rule sheet

Download Contents

  • Print ready card sheet file (deck, menu, action card)
  • Print ready card sheet file for near-production quality cards
  • Print ready low colour card sheet file (deck, menu)
  • Print ready super low colour card sheet file (deck, menu)
  • Print ready token sheet file
    • Colour
    • Low-ink
  • Print ready snap lock box sheet in various sizes, low ink and colour
    • 2 page for double sided printing
    • 1 page for single sided printing
  • Printable rulesheet - currently outdated, please use rules.pdf instead
  • Print and play instructions
    • General Instructions
    • Box assembly instructions
    • Colour
    • Laminated Colour
    • Low Ink
  • License file

3 layer laminated cards front and back - printed at home

The printed rulesheet

Print and Play card fan

Card Types - Pen not included in purchase

Additional Materials


Being a print and play game you will obviously need:

  • a printer (preferably capable of borderless printing)
  • paper or card stock. 220gsm card stock recommended. Check if your printer supports thick card (alternatively 80gsm black card and 80gsm paper for lamination)
  • Scissors or guillotine (Get parental supervision if required)

Optional Materials

  1. Most portable version (recommended)
    Card Sleeves
    Dry Erase Marker
  2. Tie bag or deck box
    A medium sized cloth/velvet bag can be used to keep the cards and tokens safe and portable. This can save on printing the snap lock box and will likely keep the components safer.
    Alternatively a deck tray style deck box capable of holding at least 36 cards and 168 tokens (or a marker pen).

If you decide to use sleeves and a marker you do not need to print the tokens. This is the recommended style of play as it saves on printing and reduces both part count and the size of the game, making it more portable.

You can print the game in varying degrees of quality: the low ink version, which is designed to be printed in black and white and has a minimal design aesthetic while maintaining the charm of the original artwork, to the standard version, designed for double sided printing and cutting, all the way up to a version that allows you to make your own near-production quality cards, using lamination techniques and card stock.

How To Play

This video was originally produced for the Paper Edition. The Paper Edition was created as an entry to The Game Crafter/Small Furry Games Small Box Challenge Contest. It is the closest to the original concept for the game and is designed to remove plastic parts, however it also plays identically to the token version of the Print and Play edition. The video is now quite out of date as a how to play but it is still a good reference for the basic core loop of the game.

Also coming soon to Kickstarter. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when!


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