Flip tiles to score points!

This is a digital implementation of a board game idea I had. All code and development (beyond basic rules) was created during the jam. The theme just seemed to line up nicely.

PLEASE TRY THE TWO PLAYER GAME FIRST! The AI isn't fully implemented due to issues outside of the jam.

On your turn you get several action points. You can use these to:

Flip a tile - 1AP

Rotate a tile -1AP

Place a pawn 1-2AP

When a tile is flipped or rotated, any adjacent tiles will be affected depending on the icons on the tile after it moves.

This is very much a basic prototype of a concept.


Holder pawn - Will prevent the tile being moved (flipped or rotated)

Bruiser pawn - Will force a player's pawn holder from a tile

Diplomat - Will ignore the actions of a tile if triggered by an adjacent tile

If playing in the brower, don't worry if the main menu is a little slow/unresponsive, the actual game is much more performant.

If you like the idea of this game, please let me know, I'm curious to see if it's worth developing into an actual game (also possibly tabletop).

Future Developments:

Allow players to choose the order of tiles that move as a result of a tile flip or rotation.

Improve the graphics so it looks like an actual game.

Make tiles with specific constraints.


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