A Boss Rush Jam 2023 entry. The theme is Makeshift.

After a long night gaming you find yourself waking in an unknown land, as you try to find your way through the mysterious halls you discover a gigantic beast and it doesn't seem friendly....

This is based on a game that was originally created in 3 hours for TriJam 203 with the theme Break the Cycle. Realising it fit the boss rush category I decided to continue development and submit it to Boss Rush Jam as the rules stated a game could be submitted to mutliple jams as long as it was created during Boss Rush Jam. TriJam 203 took place during Boss Rush Jam.


Move - WASD/Left Stick

Play the game to find out the additional controls!

The game supports both keyboard+mouse AND controller.


If you have trouble with controller UI prompts, try closing Steam. I've found sometimes games that haven't been launched through Steam will treat the controller like a mouse which messes with the game's controller detection.

You can play the original TriJam entry for free on itch.io!


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break-the-dream-cycle-win.zip 31 MB
Version 0.0.3

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