Made in 4 hours and 7 minutes :( for TriJam 203!

The theme was Break the Cycle and I thought a bullet hell groundhog day kind of thing would be fun to make. Unfortunately it took a little longer than I had anticipated.

I'm very sad I went over but once I did I thought I'd add some extra polish and tweaks and I think the game is much better for it. We have sound, we have visual feedback and some would-be-annoying bugs are mostly fixed!


WASD: Move

?: ?

?: ?

Find out what the extra controls are by playing!

How long can you survive in the beast's lair?



Derwent Ready

Music - CC0 - CC0

Audio - CC0 - CC0  - CC0 - CC0 - CC0

Character Art

Derwent Ready

Extra Art

Kenney - CC0 - CC0


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Masterpiece! I really enjoied it, we got the same idea of "breaking the cycle", very happy with that!