This game was made in 3 hours for TriJam 193.

You are a new tester at the world renowned Smart Door Inc. The foremost manufacturer of AI designed and tested doors! It is your job to make sure the doors close as expected. Walk up to a door... then wait... until the door begins to close and then step through!!!!

But watch out! The AI that runs the facility has gone made and has turned your simple job into a blood sport! Step through too early and KABLAMO! Your tracking chip will explode! Step through through at the last possible moment to get paid the most any door tester has ever been paid! £4 per door!

I suspect the game may be too hard without the collision shapes to tell you where the door activates so apologies for that!


WASD - Move

Space - Slow-mo

Dev Story

I wanted to do a little more with this game. I had hoped to include single and double doors and a little puzzle maze with a story before leading into an infinite runner style system but something took way longer than I was expecting and I can't really pinpoint any one thing. I just about managed to get the story in there, though not as elegantly as I wanted and I didn't get to add the infinite run. I did add an "ending" to try and make up for it!


Programming and Design

Derwent Ready


Kenney - Various Textures

Sound Effects


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Version 0.0.1


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The Game does a good job of utilizing the time aspect of the patience theme and incorporating it through slow motion.

I enjoyed it.