A TriJam 187 entry

The theme is Stay Here Forever

You are the last remaining protestor standing against the evil government's regime. The picket has long since dissolved and traffic has started flowing once more. The rules state the protest is recognised as long as someone remains in the protest zone and the people will be made aware of the issue! So it's your job to stay in the zone lest people forget how evil the government is!

Watch out for the cars! They don't care about you.


WASD/Arrow keys


I had a couple of ideas for the jam. One was a game where the player tries to escape from a maze like prison by bashing through the walls but for each level of wall, more would spawn between the player and the exit. The submitted idea felt like a far simpler game and while I had some trouble implementing some of the functionality (despite an attempt at a similar idea for last week's jam which went much smoother) I think it came together quite nicely.


  • Cars spawn on top of each other sometimes despite my best efforts to stop this. Doesn't effect gameplay but just looks ugly!
  • The cars and pedestrians collide.

Hopeful Improvements

After the jam I would like to address the following issues/improvements.

Have the pedestrians cause more problems to the player. The way the player moves it largely ignores the effects of the pedestrians at the moment. I was hoping to have it so that you could get blocked in by them but it didn't work out.

Have the cars be smart enough not to collide with each other and the pedestrians stop/turn the corner.

Add buildings to the streets.


Programming and Design

Derwent Ready


Kenney - CC0

Derwent Ready


Kenney Bold - Kenney - CC0


Gods of Trance - https://opengameart.org/content/gods-of-trance - northivanastan - CC0

Sound Effects

Impact - https://opengameart.org/content/punch - CC0

Car Horn - https://freesound.org/people/MicktheMicGuy/sounds/434878/ - mickthemicguy - CC0


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STF-drentsoftGames-mac-0.0.1.zip 42 MB
Version 0.0.1
stay-here-forever-linux-universal.zip 30 MB
Version 0.0.1
stay-here-forever-win.zip 29 MB
Version 0.0.1

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