You are a magnetic robot working at a big warehouse. Fill all delivery points with the correct boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: Controls change slightly between the first 2 levels. Be sure to read the CONTROLS instructions on each level!


The controls ARE a little fiddly. Even I struggle with them at times 😅.

T - Reset Level

Bottom Robot Arm

A/D/Left/Right - Move left/right

Q - Toggle magnet polarity

Left Click - Toggle Magnet On/Off

Right Robot Arm

W/S/Up/Down - Move Up/Down

E - Toggle magnet polarity

Right Click - Toggle Magnet On/Off


I wanted to make a sort of magnetic sokoban game. There are 4 levels, 3 basic tutorials and 1 puzzle. I feel like with some work this could maybe become a fully realised puzzle game.

I had some more ideas such as having humans to avoid and "magnet traps", things like that. I thought I'd mapped out my schedule quite well but, alas, it appears not as I barely managed to make all the submitted features in time (bugfixing took me over).


Minimal bugs this time. Sometimes the angle goes weird on the boxes but you can either work with it or reset if it breaks the level.

The music on level 2 is louder than the rest of the game. :(

Future Development

  • I'm not 100% happy with the sliding motion of the boxes. I feel a better version of the game would have the boxes stop when not being magnetised but then have "slippery" surfaces that allow for the movement that's currently in the game.
  • Better art would be nice...
  • More puzzles
  • I think a "hard" mode with human employees that you have to avoid could be interesting.
  • More complicated puzzles or an infinite mode where you have to record/set up robotic movements to fulfill a production line could be fun.
  • Maybe swap the polarity of the holes so that red boxes go to red holes. I feel it makes more logical sense the way I have it at the moment but I think swapping the colours on the holes might feel more intuitive.


Game Design/Programming

Derwent Ready

Sound Effects

Teifion Powell


Magic Space by CodeManu - CC0 -




Derwent Ready



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