This game was made in 3 hours for TriJam 199. The theme was energy.

Larry's Discus Throw

You play as Larry, an odd man who as a child had an obsession with discus throws. Now he's an adult he spends his days training for the zombie apocalypse... DISCUS style!

The idea is to hurl the discus with as much ENERGY as you can at the zombie standees. You gain extra points the faster you spin. BUT! Watch out! There are people standees on the target range and hitting those will result in a negative at best and end your run at worst!

You get 15 shots so make them count!

I had hoped to implement a high score leaderboard but the discus caused me too much trouble 😅


A/D - Move Larry left/right

W - Spin the discus, the longer you press, the faster Larry will spin! The arrow goes red when Larry is at max speed!

Space - Launch the discus!



Derwent Ready


Me (Discus and Discus Thrower)

Kenney (people and zombies) - CC0 - CC0

Sound - CC0 - CC0 - CC0

Music - CC0 - Alex McCulloch


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nice work. A super well done game with some good depth in it’s mechanics