You are trapped in some ethereal nightmare universe and your only hope for escape is the portal black hole before you. The only problem is there are loads of blocks in your way! Bash your way to safety before the asteroids collapse the portal trapping you in this nightmare world forever!

Blocks are damaged as a percentage of your max speed so you need to hit them several times or as fast as you can manage in order to destroy them.

Original Idea

My original idea was kind of a weird mix between spiral pong and block breaker. You would actually be immune to the asteroids and try and block them from entering the portal.

I had some struggles with the player movement. Getting physics bodies to directly follow paths is a bit... fiddly. As such I added a couple of extra things to the game in case I couldn't get the core loop to work. Namely asteroids doing damage to the player, I was planning on removing the blocks and making the game a spirally bullet hell escape! Thankfully I managed to get movement working how I wanted (just about) by switching from a KinematicBody2D to an Area2D.

I think it could be fun to add a few more levels each with their own spiral/path shape and different types of block/asteroids in the future.


up/W to move forward

down/S to move backward

Alternatively you can use A/Left and D/Right because it might work better in your head.

Controller D Pad and Left Stick Up/Down are also supported though untested.


Minor ones this time. Asteroids can still enter the portal after you win, potentially triggering the lose screen to pop up over the win screen.

The movement is a little janky and you need quite a run up to actually do damage to the blocks.



Derwent Ready

Art - CC0 - CC0 - CC0 - Pixabay License

Audio - CC0 - CC0 - CC0

Music - CC0


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