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Ducky Debugger Destroyer is a small tool to help you keep track of debugging problems! Rubber Duck Debugging is a concept where talking out your problems can help come to a solution. Ducky Debug Destroyer allows you to write notes and make voice recordings related to a specific issue, allowing you to come back and see the progress you've made.


Customisable Duckies

Voice recordings

Basic Issue Tracking

How To Use

Create new project

Set your ducky's appearance

Create an issue

Add any information to the issue. Click Save Issue.

Press the record button to start a recording linked to the issue.
If you need to make a project-specific recording you can click the Create Detached Recording button below the Record button.

Remember to save the recording after you finish!!

You can select any issue or recording to see markers or other information.

If you solve an issue, mark it as resolved! Save the issue.


The tool is in very early alpha at the moment, do not rely on it for production purposes. Please report any and all issues or suggest improvements to the workflow.

The tool should work on any platform that Godot supports but for simplicity only Windows is available at the moment. If you would like to test on another platform, feel free to request it!

Updated 5 days ago
AuthorDrentsoft Games


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DuckyBugDestroyer0.0.9-noDB.zip 18 MB
ducky-bug-destroyer-win.zip 46 MB

Development log


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Sounds like a lovely idea! FYI - I've extracted the zip to a folder, and when I run DuckyBuckDestroyer0.0.9-noDB.exe in that folder, it shows the Godot splash screen, and then just immediately closes with no error messages or anything. Any idea what's going on? (I'm on Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU, 32 GB RAM).

I will investigate and get back to you, thanks Andy.

OK looking back at the un-released 0.0.8 version, I can see the resource file is a lot smaller in 0.0.9 so I think the export generally failed. I will investigate further.

Seems to be fixed now :) https://drentsoftgamesltd.itch.io/ducky-bug-destroyer/devlog/482437/0092

Thank you! It works now!