Made in 3 hours for Trijam 210. The theme was Distractions.

Look after Jeffrey as he tries to get his daily exercise. He isn't the most observant and will fall in any hole in the ground!

Jeffrey is very easily distracted so make sure to place plenty of distractions to save him from himself.... but watch out! If Jeffrey gets TOO distracted he'll forget to do his exercise!

Future improvements

  • Stop the score when Jeffrey is distracted
  • Prevent "traps" from overlapping


Left Click: Place Distraction

Destroy Distractions to stop Jeffrey getting TOO distracted!

NOTE: You cannot place a distraction behind Jeffrey. Jeffrey


Programming/Design: Derwent Ready


Derwent Ready (Traps and background)

Kenney (Distraction assets) - CC0

Audio - CC0 - CC0

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDrentsoft Games


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58 meters!
Interesting execution of the theme, and cute visuals and music. No wonder you placed well in the jam, nice job

Thanks! :)

How do I avoid him getting distracted

You have to rapidly press A, S or D, whichever button shows above the distraction. If you don't have a QWERTY keyboard it should be whichever 3 keys are left-most on the middle row of your keyboard.

oh ty

Nice work! I feel kinda like a manipulative parent placing these distractions and then removing them. :)


Thanks, I think the post-jam update might make that feeling more intense. 😅

Awesome :)