Made in Godot 3.5 for TriJam 204 in 2 hours 59 minutes 28 seconds. The theme was Blocked.

You are a construction worker at an advanced AI-run construction site. A zombie outbreak has been unleashed and you decide to hunker down as waves of zombies come stampeding towards you. Block their way with objects constructed by the AI's fabricators.

You have a choice of placing: make shift obstacles, wooden crates, concrete bollards and shipping containers.

You also have a moveable turret that respawns ammo over time.

Survive as long as you can, there are too many, the end is inevitable. Try to take out as many of them on your way out as you.


W/S - Move Gun Turret up/down

Left Click - Select/Place Obstacles

Right Click - Shoot/Cancel Placement


Sometimes a zombie might get stuck in an obstacle, this usually resolves itself.

It can be a little fiddly selecting/placing obstacles.

 Sometimes the Shipping Container generation will just go nuts.

Not really a bug but it was intended that the obstacles would be placed exactly on the paths. You can cheat a little by spamming placement but I suspect that will likely cause issues when you're trying to shoot.


Game Design/Programming

Derwent Ready


Zombie - Kenney (modified by Derwent Ready)

Shipping Container - Kenney (modified by Derwent Ready)

Kenney - CC0

Music - CC0

Audio - Zombie Vocal SFX - CC0


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