The TriJam 181 theme is Storage Management and rather than inventory management or similar other possible designs my mind went to storing cars in a car park under heavy time constraints.

You are a valet at the big musical event. It's been so busy that a lot of the cars aren't parked yet! When the gates close the concert will start and anyone not in the building will not be allowed entry! It is YOUR responsibility to make sure everyone is parked and seated before the band begins to play.

Remember to stop the car before you get out or you might not find it where you left it!

Why This Game?

Why not! I thought a slightly more involved, annoying game would be fun make! I tried to avoid scope creep but there were a lot of things I could have added (had it not been for the 3 hour limit). I would have liked to fix some litttle bugs, add some music and add little NPCs that walked from the cars to the venue. grumbling about almost missing the concert. While I was making the game on stream, chat thought it would be fun to have car alarms go off on impact. This was my one piece of scope creep and it didn't work so I removed it.

How To Play

To move the valet or car, use WASD or arrow keys.

E to enter and exit cars!

Q to start/stop the car engine!

Shift to sprint (as player)

Park all the cars before the time runs out! It's tough!



Derwent Ready

Audio SFX

Teifion Powell

mickthemicguy - CC0

Car/Player Assets

Kenney - CC0



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It was really fun and a great idea :)

Thank you :)

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Hahaha the sound effects are AMAZING! I'm bad at parking in real life, and I'm bad at parking in this game, but at least I'm laughing while doing it. :D

I struggled a bit to turn the car and park it sideways, but honestly I was mostly focused on running around and accidentally sliding cars all over. Super fun!

Edit: I found one bug while playing a bit more, which is that you can get stuck in the green 'walls' if you park too close to them and leave the car. Not sure if it's worth fixing, but I wanted to let you know. :)

Also I found out my struggle turning the car sideways is 100% because I suck at parking. :D

Thanks for your feedback. Yes I'm aware of that bug but thanks. I haven't been able to think of a suitable easy to implement fix for it yet and there's only really about 6 spaces where it's a guaranteed issue but I would like to fix it. I also think I need to tweak the slide a little, it's fun to control the cars as it is but I think it could still be fun (maybe more so) if I turned the sliding down just a tad.

I just implemented a partial solution. A Raycast in each direction from the car. Player will exit whichever side isn't colliding with an obstacle OR will shout "NOOOOOO" if completely blocked! xD

The game itself it's very fun and I really enjoyed playing it, but I must focus on the most important part: those sound effects are GLORIOUS.